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Re: [Xen-API] How to install JUST the XenAPI Toolstack?

On 5/18/2012 9:50 AM, Mike McClurg wrote:
Hey mike, thanks for the reply, i really appreciate that. I have been
wanting to install XAPI on a Debian Dom0 for a while now, but without
random testing, i didn't know how to proceed, so i have not done much

Originally i was looking at and following the Wiki Kronos page,
but that is also out of date. As with all things, Project Kronos is
still a work in progress i do understand that, and so far not too many
guides out there to explain how to get it to work. So i was wondering about:

1.) Using the two commands found on the Project Kronos Wiki page,
*apt-get install xcp-xapi* and *apt-get install xcp-xe*, the *xcp-api*
package installs the Xen Hypervisor, Utils libraries, etc as a
dependent, than what is the *xcp-xe* needed for?

xcp-xe provides the xe command line interface to xapi. It's a dependency of xcp-xapi, so you don't need to install it separately.

2.) I currently have installed Debian Wheezy 64bit, compiled kernal
3.3.4 and running the latest Xen 4.2-Unstable, as of compiled a few days
ago at least. SO, if i try to run *apt-get install xcp-xapi*, it will
also download and install the xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 package, QEMU and
many others. IF i let it, it will probably override my currently running
Xen 4.2-Unstable WHICH i am guessing is probably not a good thing. SO i
have not done so unless i know you can install JUST the XAPI Toolstack

You could just delete the xen.gz that's installed by the xen-hypervisor.deb package, and then install your own. It might mess up your package database, but you can probably recover from that by force-reinstalling the xen-hypervisor.deb package to overwrite your custom build.

I have attempted once to force install all of the xcp packages manually and one at a time. What i tried was while already having installed the latest Xen 4.2-unstable, booted into Non-Xen kernel, install all non XCP related packages and libraries thru normal means via synaptic, then downloaded manually each XCP package and installed it manually one at a time, sometimes using force install. I know, most would allready know it wouldn't work, but i just tried it once anyways for kicks, BUT i lack the understanding on how to properly configure each package so that it loads the right things and communicates with Debian and to each XCP package, so most things were never configured so the XE toolstack never did load, and the blk. It was just my feeble attempt.

3.) Has XAPI been converted to 64bit yet? I have read conflicting things
where one places says the XAPI is currently only 32bit, but on one wiki
pages it shows as 32bit or 64 bit. So figured i ask since i am using a
64bit Debian Wheezy and don't believe a 32bit XAPI could run on it.

xapi in XCP and XenServer is 32-bit, but on Debian and Ubuntu it is compiled for both 32- and 64-bit.

4.) So, there is no way to download JUST the XAPI toolstack source,
compile it and install? Looking in the *xapi-autobuilder.git*, it says
the same thing that the XAPI is compiled with all dependencies,
including Xen Hypervisor.

Yes, you can download the xapi source from http://github.com/xen-org/xen-api, check out the debian branch, and build from there. Or you can do apt-get source xen-api, and rebuild it. You might be able to use dpkg to install the binary deb package, without installing dependencies, but I don't know.

5.) Finally, is the latest version of XAPI compatible and can be run on
Xen 4.2-Unstable?

I don't know, but I hope so ;) If you find out, please let us know. The latest trunk build of xapi should work with xen-unstable, but we haven't released that version of xapi yet, either for XenServer, XCP, or Debian/Ubuntu.

From my understand what some have mentioned or told me is that the XAPI version, that is made for Debian type linux, has to be compiled and built to worth with a specific version of Xen. SO if currently the XAPI on Debian works with Xen 4.1.2, than it will not work with Xen 4.2 unless it is again written and compiled to work wtih Xen 4.2, which as you stated is not released yet.

SOOO, just out of curiosity, any ideas of when you guys might release the version of XAPI that will run on Xen 4.2? Will it ONLY happen once Xen 4.2-unstable becomes Xen 4.2 Stable (suppose that would be logical sense)? Just wondering how long one might have to wait... :)

ALSO, would the version of XAPI that was lets say made to work with Xen 4.2 be the equivalent to XenServer 6? OR would it be newer than XenServer 6, lets say 7 for example?? Just curious on how Xen 4.2 equates to XenServer? AS i think, XCP 1.1 is pretty much the same thing as XenServer 5.6.x AND XCP 1.5 is the same thing as XenServer 6. SO than i guess, Xen 4.2 would be like XenServer 7? Anyways just guessing and curious on the how different versions are introduced.

Thanks again for the advice...

No problem!


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