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[Xen-API] [OT] Droll story mentioning XCP in an interview for a job at RedHat ; -)

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  • Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 13:12:17 +0000
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Hello everybody

just wanted to share a little droll story with you that happened to myself last month and that I found somehow quite ridicolous. But it might give those developpers here some more confidence to go on and make XCP even cooler.

Last month I had an interview with RedHat Switzerland where I applied as senior systems engineer infrastructure and I got through all the pre-selection process up to the last interview with my possible future colleagues at RedHat.

They interviewed me almost 4 hours all the morning in varying casts - Probably most things went quite well so far just until the end when they asked me to hold an arbitrary 5-10 min presentation without proposing a subject just in order to test my presentation skills.

As I expected these guys to be very much more proficient in their own products than I am I decided to present the XCP project to them for around 10 minutes. When I left them I already absolutely noticed, that they did not like this presentation and I was kind of upset with myself because of a couple of things about presentations I did not respect or made quite badly ...

So last week the HR guy got back to me telling me I didn't make it to get this job - Well no big story so far - I already expecteed that outcome.

But the reasons this guy told me appeared somehow special to me: What they did not like was nothing about the technically bad presentation BUT instead its content - Infact they were quite set up, that I presented them XCP as superior to their own virtualization solution and was able to defend it against their arguments - The HR guy told me they don't want me in their team any more because I defended XCP and had the guts to present them a product which is a opponent for them. *LOL*

So to all of you that might happen to go through a recruitement process with them beware to mention this list -
They dont seem to have too much sympathy with all of us here reading this list and using this great software ... Or is it just fear about loosing terrain on the playground of virtualization  ;-))


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