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Re: [Xen-API] NFS Share on localhost / same computer

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  • Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 17:26:55 +0000
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If I remember correctly portmap is configured to only listen on localhost. Edit 
/etc/sysconfig/portmap and remove the -l arg that is passed. Restart portmap.

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Hi List!

i have setup a fresh Debian Wheezy installation and followed the wiki 
http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Project_Kronos to install XAPI.
Now i will add a Storage Repository from a NFS Server, the NFS Server is the 
same computer where XAPI is installed.

I try:

xe sr-create type=nfs name-label=Windows device-config:server=XenServer 

but i become the following errors:

Error parameters: , NFS mount error [opterr=mount failed with return code 32],

root@XenServer:/# showmount -e XenServer Export list for XenServer:
/Windows XenServer.fritz.box

The errors also occurred when i change the 

My NFS exports:

root@XenServer:/# cat /etc/exports
[----cut default commentary----]
#Xen XCP SR for Windows 7 on SSD RAID
/Windows XenServer(rw,async,no_subtree_check)

i also tried to change the IP address instead of the ComputerName (XenServer), 
but the result is the same.
No new SR for XAPI.

When i add the IP from my other Ubuntu 11.10 computer to the /etc/exports, i 
can mount the share on the Ubuntu-PC without any problems.

Why i try to use NFS? The folder /Windows is a part of a RAID5 Array, 
and i don't want to use the hole Array as a SR.

Any hints?


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