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[Xen-API] XenAPI on Ubuntu 12.04 Server x64 - Various problems building

Hello --

I've been working to establish a working build environment for the XenAPI on a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 x64 server instance.  The various steps needed to compile Xen, a custom kernel, update grub and manage Xen using the xl toolstack is not foreign to me.  My near-term goal is to implement one of the open-source management tools reliant on XenAPI (openstack / cloudstack / etc.), with a more long-term goal of the creation of additional features.

Here's an outline of the steps I've taken thus far:
  • Installed Ubuntu 12.04 x64 server, final
  • Downloaded, configured, compiled and installed Linux Kernel 3.3.4 including the various required options for running Xen
    • Are there any unique requirements for XenAPI beyond that of a Dom0 kernel for Xen?
  • Downloaded, configured, compiled and installed Xen 4.1.2.
  • Modified the GRUB bootloader appropriately, and booted into the system.
  • Followed the outline of steps from the Xen Wiki entry for XCP toolstack compilation
    • http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Compile_the_XCP_toolstack_from_source\
    • Note: During the building process, a number of errors surfaced.
      • A message about unexpected patches was displayed when processing "xen-api-1.3.2".  A crude workaround was simply to add a bit of code to dpkg-source to detect this condition when processing this package and commit the code.  This was the only instance where the message occurred.
      • The file cachelocation was not found under the ./tmp-debs/ directory.  There as no clear direction on what this should be, so I simply created an empty file.  This allowed the process to continue.
      • pbuilder complained about an untrusted local source.  I added an option to the .rc file to allow untrusted sources, and it seemed to solve the problem.
      • Various packages not mentioned or required for any non-XAPI Xen operation were missing.  Through trial and error, I compiled a list of packages and installed them.
    • After these steps, I ended up with a number of .deb packages and a successful completion of the make process.
  • Installed the packages produced from the previous step.
  • Stuck on this error:  Getting an error from xcp-networkd
    • Fatal error: exception Failure("ERROR: network backend unknown()")

I hope that the formatting from within the gmail client transferred into this message, otherwise the block above might be unwieldy.

Regardless, any insight, assistance, or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Happy hacking.
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