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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-devel] IMPORTANT: Changes to XenSummit Format : Please vote!

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 11:32 AM, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I got a number of votes so far: votes are still open until Friday
> let me summarize votes so far:
> - 5 votes for sunday (option 1)
+1=6 votes for Sunday
> - 2 votes for a parallel session on the 26th PM (option 3.1)
> - 1 vote for cutting XenSummit short (option 2)
> Regards
> Lars
> On 20/04/2012 18:16, Lars Kurth wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> I have been talking to a number of the key contributors to the project
>> regarding XenSummit and got feedback on the format of XenSummit. Please
>> read, if you are active in the community and DO VOTE!
>> Cheers
>> Lars
>> Change of date in CFP!
>> ======================
>> First I wanted to annouce that we are extending the CFP from May 1st to
>> 15th of June. Key community members felt that May 1 is too early. In
>> particular because we have closed the CFP 5-6 weeks before the event in the
>> past. Due to contractual issues June 15th is the last day we can do though.
>> Proposal! PLEASE READ!
>> ======================
>> A number of vendors felt we should change the format of XenSummit to be
>> more like the Linux Kernel Summit. I.e.
>> a) An invite only event for the top 20-30 developers of the project
>> b) The main focus would be around finding technical solutions and making
>> decisions
>> I can see the merit of this, but it is too late to do this for all of
>> XenSummit due to event contracts that havce been signed.
>> However we have a number of options, moving towards this:
>> 1) Start half a day early and have an invite only XenDev Event event on
>> Sunday afteroon
>> 2) Cut XenSummit short by 1/2 day and append the XenDev event. This may
>> incur some financial penalties for Xen.org and the overall ticket cost may
>> have to be higher than in the past.
>> 3) Do the invite only meeting in parallel with XenSummit. I have an
>> additional large room on TUE the 27th, which we could use for this and I
>> also have two break-out rooms and can allocate one of them to the XenDev
>> event (these were intended for people sitting together and hacking on stuff
>> and/or BoFs). There are several options: hold the XenDev event on
>> 3.1) 26th afternoon
>> 3.2) 27th morning
>> 3.3) 27th afternoon
>> In my view option 1) and 3.1) have the advantage that we can report back
>> to XenSummit, that nobody will miss key talks and that people can sit
>> together in the break-out rooms.
>> Vote
>> ====
>> Please vote by providing. Vote closes by the 27th. Vote by replying to
>> this mail with ...
>> -1: none of the above (i.e. I dont want a XenDev event)
>> +1 for a DevMeeting on sunday (aka for proposal 1)
>> +1 for cutting XenSummit short (aka for proposal 2)
>> +1 for parallel 26th PM (aka proposal 3.1)
>> +1 for parallel 27th AM (aka proposal 3.2)
>> +1 for parallel 27th PM (aka proposal 3.3)
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