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Re: [Xen-API] OpenStack on Ubuntu Kronos

On 25/11/11 15:59, msgbox450@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> This looks like it may help me too, I hit a similar issue, so thanks for
> that :)
> p.s. Mike, what is the general state of Kronos now, I figure it should
> be getting close to release stage now or have there been setbacks? Given
> the recent posts I'm thinking of having another run through installing
> Ubuntu this weekend to see if I can build the stack successfully this
> time :)

The state of Kronos overall is good. Jon and I are in the middle
tweaking our build infrastructure and refactoring our debian packages.
This means that, while the Kronos code is approaching stability, our
packages are in a bit of a flux. I think that we've done just about all
the package and dependency renaming we plan on doing, though, and
hopefully we'll have our build system tweaks finished by the end of the
week. I'll make a post to the list soon to give an update.


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