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[Xen-users] Backwards template compatibility XCP 1.1 <- XenServer6 - msg: HANDLE_INVALID: [ VM; OpaqueRef:NULL ]


I have tried to use VM template of Solaris 10 from XenServer 6 on XCP 1.1. It doesn't work (details are in attachment).

Is there somewhere a collection of proven [PH]VM templates for XCP 1.1 for such OSes like:
- ubuntu 11.10
- Solaris 10 / Solaris 11
- CentOS 5.7 / CentOS 6
- RHEL 6

Thank you in advance for any hints.

regards, Mark


Attachment: new-vm-import-of-Xen-Server6-template-on-XCP1.1.log
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