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[Xen-API] VM_guest_metrics support


I am developing a Xen management application only using the Xen API as it 
seemed complete enough to use for the whole application, and indeed it is.
However, when trying to acquire a VM_guest_metrics reference (Debian, Xen 
4.1-amd64 and Xen 4.1-i686 with XAPI) for a VM, the getter returns 
MESSAGE_METHOD_UNKNOWN and the reference isn't included in VM.get_record either.

That said, wouldn't it be better to make the actual memory use available 
through the VM_metrics memory_actual -- I know Xen always reserves the full 
amount of memory needed, but this also renders the variable useless because 
it'll probably resemble VM.memory_static_max if there is enough RAM to go 

So the question remains: how can I, using only the Xen API, acquire VCPU and 
memory load -- preferably without the need to install anything? It would be 
rather unpleasant having to create and install some simple daemon just to send 
load numbers over to my backend.

Thank you for your time,

PS: Sorry for the repost, minutes after posting in xen-devel I saw the xen-api 
mailing list.
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