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R: R: [Xen-API] XCP - live migration trouble [SOLUTION]

Here it is the solution: i used xencenter version:



domlist=`xe vm-list params=dom-id power-state=running|tail -n +2|awk '{print $5}'`


for dom in $domlist;


ÂÂÂÂÂÂ xenstore-write /local/domain/$dom/attr/PVAddons/MajorVersion "5"

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ xenstore-write /local/domain/$dom/attr/PVAddons/MinorVersion "6"

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ xenstore-write /local/domain/$dom/attr/PVAddons/MicroVersion "199"

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ xenstore-write /local/domain/$dom/attr/PVAddons/Installed "1"

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ xenstore-write /local/domain/$dom/attr/PVAddons/BuildVersion "38895"

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ xenstore-write /local/domain/$dom/data/updated 1

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ echo $dom



and everything works fine without xenserver tools.


Thanks for your help George.


For Lars, is it possible to use /etc/xensource/xapi_version_override to solve this issue too?





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Hm... Strange, I already done with migration of VM from slave (0.5) to master (1.0).

Actually, I do a lot of tests before, so this script may be no completed.

Guess #1: actually, I don't use guest tools for linux (it's kinda strange for PV kernels...), so try to disable guest tools and run this script again.
Guess #2: I put a higher versions during my tests. So use 99 instead '1' and '3' (and something like 99999 for Build Version).

And you can see state of guest tools by 'xe vm-list params=PV-drivers-up-to-date,PV-drivers-version', it must shows 'true for up-to-date'.


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