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RE: [Xen-API] [PATCH] imported patch removing-warnings

Hi Jon, Vincent,

I'm glad patches are getting reviewed :)

I know that an empty assignment with no side-effects can be removed, and I did 
it in some of the most obvious cases. However, I think it's better to be 
conservative here, rather than introducing hard-to-find bugs, which occur due 
to subtle side-effects missing.

Also, you have to consider the other option, i.e. that the statement should be 
there, and that something else, which uses this statement, is missing.

Using "_" (and a commented out variable name) makes it obvious in the code that 
a certain variable is not used (maybe we should write an IDE plug-in that does 
this?). Therefore, when a person who is familiar with (or even wrote) the code 
sees this, he can make the final decision about the removal, or do something 

This patch is in fact only a start of removing the sea of warnings that get 
generated while compiling xen-api.hg. Currently, there are so many warnings 
that nobody pays attention to them any more, or notices that they generated a 
new one --- the whole purpose of warnings is lost. The goal is to reach zero 
warnings, and then enable the warnings-as-errors flag.

Therefore, I think the patch is safe as-is, but feel free to remove assignments 
you are definitely sure don't give side-effects _and_ were not meant for 
something else.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.


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