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[Xen-API] R: [Xen-users] VPSinn

Dear Boris,

thanks a lot for your interest. Please mail to software@xxxxxxxxxxxxx we
would be very happy to solve your problem!
We will add a specific forum very soon.

Thanks again and regards,

> -----Messaggio originale-----
> Da: Boris Quiroz [mailto:bquiroz.work@xxxxxxxxx] 
> Inviato: lunedì 8 novembre 2010 18:58
> A: cluster@xxxxxxxx
> Cc: xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Oggetto: Re: [Xen-users] VPSinn
> I just downloaded the android version, and got a "process
> it.xigroup.vpsinn.android" error. I already reported.
> This apps looks very interesting to me, so let us know any update of
> fix you release.
> Cheers.

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