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February 29, 08
15:28 [Xen-users] Can not access VM through VNC sachin goel
14:38 Re: [Xen-API] execute script using XenAPI (java). Stefan de Konink
14:32 [Xen-API] execute script using XenAPI (java). shankar ganesh
February 22, 08
16:48 [Xen-API] New XenAPI Java binding bundled with XenServer 4.1 beta Frederic Dang Tran
February 21, 08
14:09 Re: [Xen-API] How far has the Xen-API come? Stefan de Konink
14:07 [Xen-API] How far has the Xen-API come? Palm Emil
February 20, 08
15:57 [Xen-API] API bindings Laurent Léonard
15:57 [Xen-API] Perl: Creating VM-Instances Marcel Csonka
15:57 [Xen-API] about VM.set_VCPUs_params Sang-Min Park
15:57 [Xen-API] Ruby Xen-API. Palm Emil
February 19, 08
15:55 [Xen-API] Re: set_memory_dynamic_max_live causes int overflow weiming
13:13 [Xen-API] RE: MESSAGE_METHOD_UNKNOWN, VM.get_guest_metrics hien.nguyenvan
February 18, 08
16:23 [Xen-API] [MESSAGE_METHOD_UNKNOWN, VM.get_guest_metrics] Daniel Pelzl
06:39 [Xen-API] Live Migration when a VM is created by Xen-API Palm Emil
February 17, 08
21:52 [Xen-API] set_memory_dynamic_max_live causes int overflow weiming
11:25 [Xen-API] about VM.set_VCPUs_params Sang-Min Park
February 16, 08
13:49 [Xen-API] What value is VM_metrics.get_VCPUs_utilisation returning? Palm Emil
February 11, 08
14:25 Re: [Xen-API] problem in c binding xen_event_register / xen_string_set Dube, Lutz

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