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November 28, 07
22:23 Re: [Xen-API] A few questions about the java Xen api Stefan de Konink
22:18 [Xen-API] A few questions about the java Xen api Hans Mayer
November 22, 07
18:30 [Xen-API] how do i use xen api with key and cert? stephan nies
November 20, 07
00:15 [Xen-API] [Fwd: [Xen-devel] XenAPI extention with VIF stats] Stefan de Konink
November 19, 07
18:32 [Xen-API] xenbus_printf causes system reboot in kernel module weiming
November 16, 07
21:27 [Xen-API] XenStore access problem: xen.lowlevel.xs.Error: (2, 'No such file or directory') weiming
November 12, 07
21:21 Re: [Xen-API] Ruby interface for Xen API ? Grabber
November 05, 07
15:36 [Xen-API] can't share vbds in r/w mode Luciano Rocha

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