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[Xen-API] XML-RPC API questions


I need to use XML-RPC APIs to collect metrics from multiple Xen Servers. I would like to dedicate 1 non-Xen machine to run an agent which collects these metrics. Metrics would be collected as per a certain schedule as well as on-demand. With this in mind, I have following questions:
  1. In order to support multiple on-demand as well as scheduled collections concurrently for the same Xen server, I would like the client "Session" to be multi-threaded on the server side so that I don't have to open multiple sessions. Can I have multiple threads using the same session to collect different metrics?
  2. What is the timeout of a session? I did not find anything in the XML-RPC doc about timeouts.
  3. Is a Session ID just a string which can be persisted to a file for later use?
Thank you.
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