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[win-pv-devel] Problems with xenvbd


I've been testing the current pvdrivers code in preparation for creating
upstream patches for my xeniface additions and I noticed than xenvbd
seems to be very unstable for me. I'm not sure if it's a problem with
xenvbd itself or my code because it seemed to only manifest when the
full suite of our guest tools was installed along with xenvbd. In short,
most of the time the system crashed with kernel memory corruption in
seemingly random processes shortly after start. Driver Verifier didn't
seem to catch anything. You can see a log from one such crash in the
attachment crash1.txt.

Today I tried to perform some more tests but this time without our guest
tools (only pvdrivers and our shared libraries were installed). To my
surprise now Driver Verifier was crashing the system every time in
xenvbd (see crash2.txt). I don't know why it didn't catch that
previously... If adding some timeout to the offending wait doesn't break
anything I'll try that to see if I can reproduce the previous memory

RafaÅ WojdyÅa
Qubes Tools for Windows developer

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